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Sending Sunday Feedback

Sending Sunday!

On November 20, Glen Lake Church participated in its first ever Sending Sunday. Over 75 people were sent out to worship in our community by doing a variety of projects including attic insulation, clearing brush, delivering wood, having conversations in the coffee shop, and so much more! Here are some the comments that we received back:

-“We are definitely blessed to be a blessing! Our neighbor was truly thankful for what we accomplished. God indeed blessed our time together.”

-“We should be doing things like this! It was a way to build relationship that probably wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

-“Wonderful experience.”

-“This is totally what a church is. Thank you!”

-“I love this idea!”

-“This sending out is a reminder and encouragement that we as disciples of Christ Jesus should be doing this, in whatever capacity on a daily basis!”

-“Such an event is a reminder that we are “sent” everyday and everywhere we go- to have our hearts, minds and hands open to the needs of others in the community- and always praise God not matter where we are or who we are with.”

-“Our homeowner was very grateful. God was with us each step of the way. Team members had fellowship together and enjoyed our time helping out on Sending Sunday.”

-One homeowner said, “What I have worked on all summer took all of you guys a few hours and you got more done that I did all grateful for all of everyones feet are talking to me but its worth it!”

-A homeowner commented, “Thank you so much the house is so much warmer.”

Thank you for the courage and willingness to be sent! Based overwhelming feedback, we are going to do Sending Sunday every time there is a 5th Sunday in a month in 2017, which amounts to five Sundays. Our next Sending Sunday will be January 29! If you have ideas, let Pastor Dan or Steve Schwaiger know.

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