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December Newsletter Reflections

Blessing Partners in Ministry,

This advent, as you walk into the Worship Center, you will see four pallets on the stage with the words “When Light Broke In” and a fifth pallet with a star painted on it. “When Light Broke In” is the title of our sermon series this year as we await the birth of Jesus. I choose this phrase because I believe we all need to be reminded of what John tells us in the beginning of his Gospel “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never overcome it.”

There are so many days and moments when they way I act, think, or speak do not reflect that I believe the truth Jesus the light of the world has broken into the darkness once and for all. Maybe I am alone in this, but by looking at the world around me I don’t think I am alone. We live in a time where it is often hard to believe that God is at work. There is so much darkness around us that I often find myself focusing on the darkness instead of the promises faithfulness of God. Maybe you are there too and maybe this Christmas we need to be reminded of who Jesus Christ is and who we are.

As I think back over the last month I can think of several moments where the light of Jesus is really shinning bright in our life at Glen Lake Church. One place where I saw this was on our Sending Sunday event on November 20. Over 75 people were sent out from the four walls at Glen Lake Church to bless and serve the community. On a future blog post you will hear some feedback that we received, but let me tell you God was at work! One comment that we received from a homeowner talked about being in awe that some people would care enough about their family to come at serve them. The light of Jesus Christ broke into that families life that day in the midst of a lot of darkness. We even have people asking questions about a relationship with Jesus! Praise the Lord! If you were not able to be with us, we are going to be doing sending Sundays this coming year every time there is a 5th Sunday in a month, the first being January 29.

A second place that I have seen the light of Jesus breaking in was when the consistory gathered together for a retreat. They spent an entire Saturday learning, praying, brainstorming and wondering where God is leading this ministry. It was a really exciting day with fantastic ideas and wonderings as to how we can reach the next generation and families in Glen Lake! On Saturday January 14 from 9:30-11:30 am, you are invited to be a part of the brainstorming process as we look at the vision for this next season of ministry at Glen Lake Church.

This season is an exciting time to be a Glen Lake Church. I hope that you will join us for our Christmas Eve Service on Saturday December 24th at 7pm. That is where you will learn why the star is painted on the pallets. Please be sure to invite all of your neighbors, friends and co-workers! Because of how the calendar falls this year, we will also have a Christmas Day Service on Sunday at 10am where we will share the story of Christmas together. As always, if you cannot make it to one of our worship services, check out our new website to listen to the sermon.

As you journey through this Christmas season, watch for moments when the light of Jesus breaks through and be reminded of the promises of God.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Dan

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