May 14, 2021

Subject: Update re: COVID-19

From: GLCRC Consistory (Elders, Deacons, and Pastors)

Dear GLCRC Family,

Needless to say, the fifteen months (and counting) that we have been mired in COVID-19 have been difficult for all of us. As a consistory, we have endeavored to lead with a primary focus of shepherding – to the best of our ability - the flock that God has entrusted us with. Further, as we have stated on multiple occasions, our aim through COVID-19 has been to set policy that is aligned with our shepherding focus, and that takes into account new developments relative to state and federal guidelines/restrictions and area-specific trends (especially those pertaining to area hospitals, schools, and businesses).

As you are likely aware, in the past few days, both the State of Michigan and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have lifted mask requirements for people who are fully vaccinated.

Hence, we have determined that we will follow suit in lifting mask requirements for those who are fully vaccinated and strongly encourage those who are not yet fully vaccinated to continue wearing a mask for their own safety and for the safety of others.

To be clear, we will not be monitoring whether or not people have been vaccinated; we respect your right to determine what is best for you. Hence, the “no mask required if fully vaccinated” policy will not be enforced through formal tracking measures or inquiry but rather will be left up to each individual.

In the case of children and youth – most of whom cannot yet be vaccinated – we strongly encourage continuing to wear a mask for the foreseeable future (perhaps July 1, when all state restrictions will be lifted). But in keeping with an approach of informal enforcement, we will leave it up to parents to determine what is best for their children. There will be no questions asked.

On a related note, even if you have been fully vaccinated, if you are more comfortable wearing a mask, by all means, please do so! We are one in Christ and must not allow differences on nonessential matters to divide us.

Lastly, we will continue to stream our worship services in real-time each Sunday morning via Facebook Live. 

We appreciate your patience throughout COVID-19 and ask that you remain patient in the days and weeks ahead.

United in Christ,

Glen Lake Community Reformed Church Consistory