(as of January 6, 2021)

Our consistory is committed to leading actively and prayerfully through COVID-19, and to set a policy that reflects Christian love for one another. Hence, effective January 6, we are modifying our policy and approach as follows:

  • Sunday worship services will revert to a “hybrid” approach with two options: in-person worship (subject to the stipulations that follow) and streamed, online worship through Facebook Live. (NOTE: The family room and conference room are overflow areas where the service can be viewed live on flat screen TV’s).

  • Non-negotiable requirements for in-person worship are:

    • Masks must be worn upon walking through the doors, and for the duration of the worship service (exempting those involved in the service who are upfront).

    • Social distancing will be every other row, with one family unit in each row. Fellowship after the service will be brief, with social distance of at least 6 feet between people.

    • If you test positive for COVID-19 within one week, please notify the church of your diagnosis right away (we will keep your diagnosis confidential).

    • If you are considered high risk, please strongly consider worshiping online. Our desire is to protect rather than harm our flock, so we ask you to discern your decision carefully and prayerfully, and not under compulsion or obligation. 

  • Other than Sunday worship, there will be no in-person activities/events except for the Food Pantry, Help Link, and AA.

In the spirit of Romans 14:1-5, especially verse 1 to “not quarrel over disputable matters,” we ask you to exhibit grace, patience, and understanding as we journey through this difficult season.

Glen Lake Church Consistory

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