UPDATED COVID-19 POLICY & APPROACH (as of October 7, 2021)


The leadership at Glen Lake Church has endeavored to lead through COVID in accordance with what we believe the Gospel demands of us, which is to do our best to love one another as Christ loves us. This love prioritizes what we believe is good for the whole above our individual preferences.

As we monitor trends and developments related to COVID, pay close attention to state and federal guidelines/restrictions, and endeavor to do what we believe reflects Christian love, we are altering our policy as follows:

While we are not requiring that masks be worn, we are strongly encouraging that masks be worn by all who are in the building for any purpose (worship services, community groups, bible studies).

As a point of clarification, the encouragement to wear a mask is for everyone – we are not making a distinction between those who have, and have not, been vaccinated. This is because the Delta variant can be contracted by anyone, and while the likelihood of significant detrimental effects is much lower for vaccinated people, it is transmissible regardless of vaccination status. But again, we are conveying a recommendation rather than a mandate – the choice is yours to make, and we will not criticize or judge your decision.

For those who are more comfortable worshipping online, we are continuing to stream our services through Facebook Live.

Finally, because of the fluidity of COVID, leadership reserves the right to alter the policy as we deem necessary and are led.

Together in Christ,

Glen Lake Church Consistory (Pastors, Elders, Deacons)